Kat's Corner

About Kat Holmes

 I live with my two sweet cats who make every day an adventure, especially in sanity. Nothing like cats to keep you grounded and remind you that you were put on this Earth to serve them.


My mother sowed a love of words and stories in me when I was very young. I love books. I love to read them and I enjoy telling stories. A little while ago, an author friend of mine encouraged me to try submitting my writing. It so paid off. My first book was contracted and the rest is history.


It's an amazing world that we live in where you can have a dream and actually have it come true. If you believe in yourself then never stop trying. You will succeed. This I know to be true because it happened for me. If it can happen for me, it can happen for anyone.


Much of the ancient Greek culture and history has influenced my writing. Ever since I read my first book of myths at age 16, I've been hooked. I love Greece, it's culture and it's history. The heroine of my first novel ever written is the daughter of Greek immigrants.  But much of what I write is influenced by my love of myths and ancient history. For in history, there is truth.


My first series is about the Gods of Ancient Greece and brings them into the modern world. I have a deep and abiding love of Greek mythology. The idea for my Gods At Work series though was inspired by the banking bailouts. I started to wonder what would happen if the bad economy affected the Gods as it affects us. Thus the Gods At Work series was born.


Also, my deep love for winter and vampires come into play. I introduced the world to a fantasy kingdom called Artica forever locked in winter's grasp in my Artica Lights series. And my Hekate's Webs series is my take on the vampire genre which I love. Nothing sexier than a tormented vampire. I love anything and everything vampire.  And on occasion my Mom & I team up to weave a story.


It's amazing where you can find inspiration and nothing beats being a writer. I wouldn't trade this adventure for anything in the world.